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Aug 8, 1968


“Specialist John A. Jablonski in the 2nd Platoon Charlie Company, earned the Distinguished Service Cross.”

Aug 8, 1968

battle continues

“Finally, when CS gas was used, the enemy came out of their position, about 50 were cut down. For the next day and a half, the battle continued. By the time the fight was over, US casualties, including those of the 3-39th Infantry, totaled 13 dead and 27 wounded. The majority were members of the Bearcats’ C Company.5″

Aug 8, 1968

Ron Raymond

August 8th – Charlie Co. captures an 82 mm mortar.

Aug 9, 1968


Charlie to Nha Be and Alpha to Rach Kein

Aug 13, 1968

August 13, 1968

6/31st – Battalion went OPCON to the 199th and remained so until Sept. 11th when the 6/31st moved to Dong Tam.

Aug 22, 1968

Ron Raymond

Delta Co. receives ‘Recondo’ badges.

Sep 11, 1968

Dong Tam

Battalion moves to Dong Tam

Sep 12, 1968

September 12, 1968

C/6/31 – Moved to Dong  Tam with the AO responsibility turned over to the 4/47th.

Sep 15, 1968

Bruce Swander

“C Co has highway and local security tasks.  At 0200h, James Belthrop and Clifford Meyers (E Co) WIA from satchels.  B/D out on patrol.  Later that afternoon, A/B/D go opcon to 3/47.  C has another WIA from small-arms fire, hit in leg.”

Sep 17, 1968

Bruce Swander

“A/D Co’s load onto boats to be inserted.  Bunkers found throughout the day, no contact.  At 1810h, Pfc Lionel Maldonado-Torres (A Co) slipped into the water while reloading back onto the boat.  The record doesn’t show his remains being found later on the 17th, and I haven’t pulled the 18th or 19th, but his official date is the 17th.  It’s possible that another Unit found him and 6/31 wasn’t alerted until the next day.”

Sep 22, 1968

Bruce Swander

“C Co stayed in the field from their NDP, the other Co’s coming in by boat.  At 1000h, C has a WIA (unkn – back wound) and a Navy man WIA from a stray bullet as LZ is under fire.  Arty and gunships called in.  At 1335, C has another WIA(unkn) due to a fractured arm.”

Sep 23, 1968

Bruce Swander

“C Co locates an ammo cache and captures a POW.  The POW escapes at 1100h while they were crossing a stream.  Gilbert Riddle (D Co) is dusted off due to malaria.  At 1350h, Daniel W McCarthy (C Co) dusted off due to broken leg.  E Co assigned as FO for A/D Companies.”

Sep 24, 1968

Bruce Swander

“Convoy heads out from Dong Tam.  At 1810h, E Co has a 3/4 ton truck hit by landmine, 4 WIA.  Dustoff called.  Report comes in at 2000h that Pfc Christopher Minton (E Co), dies of wounds sustained from the blast.  It turned the truck over and a second truck is stuck in the mud.”

Sep 25, 1968

Bruce Swander

“Starting at 0825h, A reports they are under attack.  At 1025h, Sgt Ronald L Summers (A Co) is WIA from AK-47 wound to the neck.  (He would later die of this wound sustained on 8 Oct 68).  Contact continues most of the day, and at 1640h, A reports 4 more WIA.  Anticipating more attacks, Maj Thurmond moves two Companies to FSB.”

Sep 26, 1968

D Company 3rd Platoon

D Companies 3rd platoon inserted by air near My Than in a joint operation with PF’s..  Surrounded by VC.  Eight men hit in opening contact fire.  Five die that day.

Sep 26, 1968

Ron Raymond

Five soldiers killed in Delta Co.

Sep 26, 1968

A&B Company join the fight

A&D companies join Delta against a large enemy force.  More wounded as the day progresses.

Sep 26, 1968

B company reports

10 VC killed and 8 Americans wounded. One died later as a result of wounds: John R. Klotz.

Sep 27, 1968

Battle continues

“Several choppers shot down including a medivac, the C&C and a gun ship.  Rangers added to the troops on the ground”

Sep 28, 1968

Ron Raymond

Delta Company Co’s final farewell.

Sep 28, 1968

Battle draws to close

Remaining enemy slip away.  In total the battalion has lost 7 dead and twentysix wounded.

Oct 1, 1968

A company

A Company found five sampans loaded with mines and grenades.

Oct 3, 1968

October 3, 1968

From MacMaster:

A/6/31 – Found 5 sampans loaded with grenades and mines.  That day a rocket round fired by gunships of the 3rd Squadrom/5th Cavalry set off a major secondary explosion.  Earlier in the day a FAC was fired on by approximately 15 VC while he was directing an air attack.  It was then that the Cav was called in.  Believing that a large cache was nearby, A/6/31 was inserted south of the objective with 1/16th Infantry to the north.  A/6/31 acted as a blocking force with the 1/16th sweeping.  They searched the sampans and found supplies that included 2,940 grenades, 86 assorted mines, 11 Chi Com hand grenades, 501 lbs. of rice, and 2 boxes of sampan engine repair parts.

Oct 4, 1968

138 VC killed

Joint operation with 1/16th. Four companies from the 6/31st. 12 miles W of My Phuoc Tay.  Three day op.  Enemy Bn elimanated.

Oct 5, 1968

October 5, 1968

From MacMaster continuing the story from October 4.:


(Continued) The next morning after sporadic contact, in conjunction with 1/16th Infantry, the area was swept.  Thirty-three enemy were found in addition to the bodies, numerous blood trails bespoke of heavy casualties taken by the VC.  During the day, the 3rd Brigade gunships and Air Force jets were credited with 62 kills.

Oct 6, 1968

B company

“On October 6, B Company found another enemy cache containing 58 cases of grenades, 12 cases of TNT, and 70 rounds of 75mm recoilless rifle ammunition.”

Oct 8, 1968

Bruce Swander

“At 0710h, C Co reports that they have a man that had drowned on 7 Oct.  Pfc R.T. Perry (C Co).  “

Oct 10, 1968

October 10, 1968


6/31st – Moved to Dong Tam for MPT.

Oct 12, 1968

Ron Raymond

“Members of Delta. Co., 1st platoon with pointman Ron Raymond capture VC flag along with VC sympathizers in the early morning hours. “

Oct 13, 1968

October 13, 1968

6/31 – moved to Cai Be.

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