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Sep 8, 1970

John Bullock

“Xuan Loc. We arrived erly this afternoon at Xuan via a route through Saigon. We got lost for a little while in town but finally made our way out. We are having an awards ceremony tomorrow. I may get an Ar Com then. I’ve already seen the orders for it, but they didn’t have the medals to give out at Chamberlain. [No, I didn’t get it until I was stateside in Dec. A few people got medals, but I seem to remember the ceremony was mostly about giving Col Gearin a bunch of medals. I don’t know how many, but the men around me started laughing after a while, and we were getting so carried away, I was afraid we were going to get into trouble.] We also get the little Alpha Co pins the C.O. [Capt Olsen] got for us. They look like out Ace of Spades patch.”

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