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Sep 6, 1970

John Bullock

“Chamberlain. Raining here this morning, but we go in from our bush before it started. They are talking of sending some platoons out on bushes tonight; the Colonel just don’t know how to quit. Last night there were only 3 platoons on bush in the whole brigade, and all 3 were in the 6/31st, thanks to Colonel Gearin… The ARVN’s are to take this place over, also Ben Luc, so we have to make it look nice for them. If we came back in a month, it would look worse than now. The ARVN’s move their families in, throw litter out the door and all that. It is funny having to clean up a place for them… Everyone here was sent to the 25th, the 101st Div, or the 1st Cav… “

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