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Sep 6, 1970

John Bullock letter

“Got your last letter with the note and gum to Mutt and Jeff. They were tickled to get it ….chewed the gum. I gave them some of the candy Mom sent, too so guess their teeth aren’t that bad. They were going to write you a letter right back but couldn’t think of anything to say. Someone is suppose to take them to Tan An when we leave here. They said they are going back to school….been AWOL from school for awhile. Probably the last I see of them for I don’t think the 1st Cav. will ever be as far South as Lang An province….217 days to go in this country, almost halfway. …six months in by the time I go to the field again. It goes a little faster all the time, but never fast enough. Wrote Algie a letter when I made Sp/4 and he wrote back he made corporal (same thing) so I guess we are keeping up. …when I found out I was going to 1st Cav I wrote him to look for me. Ha! The 1st Cav is pretty big …probably never see each other. “

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