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Sep 3, 1970

John Bullock letter

“…got in a little bit ago from bush. Plan to make the last tape from here providing we don’t airmobile today. The 6th is our last day of operations so we could AP that night, but whatever. There will be no operations the 7th. … probably be pulling bunker guard. …the 8th we leave for Xuan Loc and stay there until our shipping date. …start shipping the 10th, but I won’t go until the 16th. …been assigned to the 1st Air Cav or 1st Cav. The patch has a horse and a diagonal bar on it and has to be the largest patch of any unit I know. I’ll have to take the 9th Div. patch off my left shoulder and put it on the right and put the 1st Cav patch on the left. ..don’t know what Bn co. I’ll go to. Probably won’t until I get there. Elwin Algie is in the 11th Pathfinders, 11th Avn Pp. Chances are slim I’ll get anywhere near him or see him very often … I’ll go to a line company more than likely. P.S. They announced on the news here yesterday that the 9th Div. was officially pulling out. About 2 or 3 from Alpha Co. go home with the colors and everyone else goes to Xuan Loc for reassignments. “

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