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Aug 31, 1970

John Bullock letter

“Chamberlain. Still here and still operating. …suppose to go to Heiz Hoa again tonight and stay there tomorrow. ..been working that area a lot lately. Every time we leave I think we will never see it again then back we go again. Chances are if I get in the 25th Div. I could see it again. …probably be sent to the 25th or the 1st Air Cav. They are the two closest units. They’ll be the two southern most American units in Vietnam…could be airmobiling down in this area if the ARVN’s can’t keep up. The 25th is rumored to be pulling out in Nov. or Dec. So if I go there I may be moving again. I have no doubt that I’ll spend a full year over here. Yesterday marked the end of my 5th month, seven to go. I’ve already got my duffle bag packed. I’m ready to move in a moment. We got paid today ….haven’t gotten my Spec/4 pay raise on there. …have to go to finance when I get to Xuan Loc ….$64 a month more. “

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