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Aug 26, 1970

John Bullock

“Chamberlain. …we are getting a few hours off today. We bushed the last two nights with ARVN’s at Sugar Mill and then came back in here this morning. Now I guess we have to go on a sweep this afternoon and bush again tonight, then airmobile tomorrow. .. We went down to the market while we were there and set at the tables drinking beer and eating [Some kind of hoagie with sprouts, pig fat, and a salty sauce, nuoc mam, made from fish heads, I believe.] It was off limits, but no one stopped us. Everything at the market has two prices, one for Vietnamese and one for GI’s. Tui wangled with the shop keepers and got me Vietnamese prices. [Tui was a 10 year old buddy I had made in April, who decided to adopt me. I was invited this day to his house to meet his Mother and his two sisters. His Father was an ARVN officer, who I never met. I had given him some money in April, figuring he would blow it like most kids. He had taken the money [just a few dollars] and paid for tuition and books to go to school. His Mother and sisters laughed hysterically, when I tried to read out loud in Vietnamese from one of his school books.] “

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