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Aug 24, 1970

John Bullock letter

…leaving this morning for Sugar Mill (Heip Hou) for 3 days. We bush tonight there and the next 2 nights go on a recon in Force (RIF) the last day and come back here that night. The 3rd platoon will be the only ones there…may get to spend the days at Sugar Mill and only in the field at night. The Colonel’s been riding everyone into the ground. We don’t have time to breathe. Guess he wants to get his last kicks in before leaving here. I understand he has been passed over twice for promotion …if he gets passed over again he is retired. Should be making $60 more a month as Spec/4 without having to do anything more. I’m going to keep the first and buy a few things at Zion….month almost over and I still got a little more than $60 left….I may buy a watch and a few other things. I wanted to get a $150 camera but probably never will. I didn’t order the suits or painting from Ben Luc. Wasn’t enough time by the time I saved the money. …may get them when I get to Zion or my next unit.

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