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Aug 18, 1970

John Bullock

“Chamberlain. I haven’t seen the sun for several days now and it has been cool. I suppose it is hot but we are used to much hotter, so it seems cool. At night it rains and the breeze blows and we feel like we are freezing. From one day to the next it is continually overcast, so I guess this is the worst part of the monsoons… For the last two nights we have been setting up with ARVN’s, which we don’t like very much. They smoke at night, paly radios, talk and so on, and anyone in the are know we are there. Plus they set up too close to civilians and people are walking through our bush all night, frog hunting and so on. There is no curfew in the area we set up, so the people are running around all night. The night before last we had everything from frog hunters, to water buffalo, to a Buddhist priest walking through our position, setting off trip flairs and so on. They had us bring the Buddhist priest in, for what reason I don’t know, other than he was wandering around at 1:30 in the morning… Looks like we will go out again to bush. It was suppose to be our night to stand down and pull bunker guard. We get a stand down tomorrow night I guess, the airmobile the next day. I hope it just pours so the choppers can’t come in. On our last airmobile we got put in then had to walk to a road instead of being choppered out again. We were pretty teed off… [I was told that Gearin was only allotted so many hours of chooper time, and he wasn’t going to waste them picking us up.] “

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