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Aug 8, 1970

John Bullock letter

“…doing well myself if the mosquitoes don’t carry me away. Has been quiet here…hope it stays that way 20 more days. Then I should leave Lang Sn province for good. In less than a month I “”celebrate”” the end of my first year in the Army. Doesn’t seem like I’ve been in a year. A month after that I have finished my 6th month in Vietnam ….can say I’m short then because I’m going down hill. By that time I’ll be starting out in another unit – 1 st Cav or 25th Div probably. If I get 1st Cav. Maybe I’ll run into Algie. I suppose I’ll be in the field a while longer but I’ll try my best to get out if I can. …got enough insertions by chopper to get 2 air medals….been put in for the first one and should get before we leave here. It is something to fly over the countryside. In the distance we can see Saigon from here, Sugar Mill, Duc Hoa and a lot of other places that we work often. You wouldn’t believe all the shell holes and bomb craters over the land. ….makes the countryside look poka dotted. I could return to this country as an old man and a lot of the scars of this war will still be there. They’ll have to get this war over before I’ll ever come back though. “

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