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Aug 1, 1970

John Bullock letter

“….have had to go over and help carry tables and things out behind Alpha Co.’s orderly room. Our company has been in the field for seven days and is coming in this morning…..having a steak fry and beer bust. We haven’t had one since the Battalion steak fry July 4th. I got out of the last 3 days of the operation. We were on an airmobile and walking through brush …..I broke out …..guess allergic to some weed. They took me to Chamberlain on an S-5 jeep ….saw a medic. …hitched a ride back to Ben Luc. What ever it was went away. Wasn’t sick, but itched like crazy. Haven’t heard too much more about Zion. We are suppose to have 20 day stand down there before being shipped to our next unit. Supposedly, a lot of remp jobs are being opened with all the guys going back to the world. I may stand a chance of getting one like security guard in Saigon. …if I have enough time in and can impress the interviewer. I hope I could get into something a lot more interesting than being a grunt …. probably won’t have enough time in. P.S. Should get paid today. Hope so, I’m plain broke. “

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