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Jul 22, 1970

John Bullock

“Ben Luc. We are still at Camp Keaton and could stay here until we leave… About Sept we are supposed to be sent to Zion. That was where 1st Div headquarters was… They are processing everyone in Alpha Company today, getting our records in order and up to date so we will be ready to move. They are catching up on shot records too; I had to get a cholera shot… You asked about our laundry. We have one here on camp run by gooks. We take stuff in and it comes back 3 days later. It costs about 50 cents to have a pair of pants, shirt and socks cleaned, plus a towel. If we don’t have the money, we can take dirty clothes to supple and have them changed for clean ones. That doesn’t cost anything.. The laundry, P.X., tailor shop, photo shop, and pizza place are all in the same building. Gooks operate all of them except the P.X. and pizza shop, with the U.S. Government setting the prices they charge. In the laundry shop are two barbers and trinkets, knick knacks, etc. The laundry does sewing too. The P.X. doesn’t have too much in it; cigarettes, canned goods, shaving equipment, soap and liked that, just the essentials. Tan A is the closest P.X. that sells electronics, cameras, magazines, and like that. We usually don’t have too much trouble getting into Tan An. Everyone has at least one phony excuse that works… “

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