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Jul 18, 1970

John Bullock letter

“They have been trying to work us to death lately, and our C.O. expects more of the same to come. I suppose Lt. Col. Gearin wants to leave his mark before he goes. Officers are suppose to be in command only 6 months so he’s about finished here. If the 9th is pulling out relatively soon, he might be with us until then. The sooner he leaves the better I’ll like it. Looks like it will be sunny today here so I better …catch up on the things I have to do before we go out tonight. It’s getting kind of hard at the end of the month, cause my money has about run out. One thing nice about the first of the month, it’s pay day again. Besides that it is the end of another month. I was just reading from Holiday Magazine June 70. They had a good article about Writer’s Workshop in Iowa City. “

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