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Jul 7, 1970

John Bullock letter

“Thought I would start a letter while we were out in the bush. Can you guess what I am writing on? (toilet paper). It’s all the paper I have with me. The cookies you sent were pretty good. I got them yesterday and they were almost gone this morning. I had plenty of help. Things are quiet here in Ben Luc so far. Don’t know how much longer we will be here or where we go next. I suppose in the long run it really doesn’t matter. Finally finished a cassette tape and got it mailed. We can make 3 min. MARS calls from Ben Luc now so I will try one of these nights when we’re in. Usually it’s the middle of the night before a call can get through so it would be toward noon there…..decided to get a couple of suits from the Viet tailor at Camp Keaton. For $155 I can get 2 tailored suits, extra pair of pants and 6 shirts….going to try and get a portrait of me, too. They take a picture and make a painting of it….I clear $120 after taking $100 out for soldiers’ savings. I guess I’ll close. I might need to save a little of this paper for an emergency. “

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