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Jul 6, 1970

John Bullock

“Ben Luc. Didn’t go out last night; the air cushioned vehicles broke down, so they brought us back in. We were in night before last and all the day before, July 4. They cooked beans, baked potatoes, potato salad, etc., and barbecued steak from 1:00 on. I had 3 steaks before I quit. They also had free beer all day until they ran out. Last night the club opened up again, so that was where most of 3rd platoon was. .. We had a USO show here yesterday. Another Philipino band, but a better one than the time before. July 4th an Army band played instrumentals in the afternoon. We have a new LT now. They gave LT Hall a choice of going to RECON or getting out of the field, so he went to RECON. So far in a little over a month we have gotten a new Capt., new First Sergeant, new platoon sergeant and a new LT. .. “

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