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Jul 2, 1970

John Bullock letter

“Came in from our A.P. On the river this morning and didn’t get breakfast. …called for them to hold chow, ….somebody got their wires crossed. We spend the night in then airmobile tomorrow and A.P. tomorrow night. ..get the day and night of July 4th off. … A steak fry and beer bust. Everybody is supposed to be at that. Sue, the girl that works at the EM club is working at the pizza place until the club reopens. She remembered me. Figured she wouldn’t after all the time away at Jackson. I told her I was going to take a picture of her. I’m surprised she let me. Usually she won’t let anyone. Guess the old boy hasn’t lost his charm. Must not be something I said cause she doesn’t speak much english. The P.X. Truck was here from Tan An today. Almost bought a cassette player, but couldn’t find one small and cheap enough. No one at home has one so I guess it wouldn’t make any difference. Raining like everything outside. It didn’t last night, but we slept in a soupy place so I got wet anyway. E-7 said they were tearing down Chamberlain in a couple weeks. He doesn’t think we will have to do it. Looks like Ben Luc’s Camp Keaton will be our east base and only one. “

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