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Jun 18, 1970

John Bullock

“FSB Jackson. I got 297 days left after today… We A.P.-ed south of here again down the river by boats. We were right across the river from Sugar Mill (Hiep Hoa). It sure was wet too, cause it rained from afternoon on into the night sometime… I guess we won’t have to tear this place down now; the next company in here will be doing that… I’ve been sleeping on a hammock those nights when we are in. We either sleep in houches or bunkers, and there are no beds to sleep on, so I bought the hammock from a gook at the gate. [It was Vietnamese size, so I mostly hung out of it. I also bought a bottle of Rum, so called anyway. Smelled like butterscotch and tasted like shit. When they came around confiscating booze, I volunteered it. Got stung by a scorpion here also. The Doc wasn’t sure if they were poisonous or not, so he said I should keep an eye on it. I didn’t swell up and die, so it wasn’t. Thanks Doc.] “

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