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Jun 16, 1970

John Bullock letter

“Jackson. The third platoon went on Eagle flights today and had to leave a few behind because they had too many to get on the choppers so I lucked out and stayed here. Our platoon had bunker guard last night and again tonight. …a U.S.O. Show here this afternoon. I got to see that. Too bad I didn’t bring my camera. I could have gotten some real good pictures. Back in the world they would have called it a strip show. Sgt. Cox (platoon Sgt.) got dusted off. Not hurt bad but when someone gets a leave injury they get to go home. Takes too long to heal. Sgt. Cox was an E-6. Our new Sgt. is E-7 and has lifer written all over him. I don’t think he likes me much. We pulled bunker guard last night and were supposed to keep two people up at all times. We don’t. We’d only get 4 hours sleep if we did. The E-7 (we call him super Sergeant) knew I was on guard alone and waking someone else up everytime he came around to check. He asked me if we were pulling two up. I didn’t lie to him. I just said it was an unfair question. He got a little teed off. He tried to sneak up on our bunker 4 times to catch me pulling guard alone. I spotted him early every time and woke someone else up. Ha! Anyone who acts the way he does deserves to be deflated a little. He thought he was so sneaky and smart. Nobody likes him. Lifers aren’t popular with grunts. Don’t know what happened to the letter I sent Mom. Probably got it into the wrong envelope. If it was from Ben Luc, I probably was a little tight. Guess I’m getting a little ornery. The way I look at it they have to catch me first. Ha! “

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