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Jun 15, 1970

John Bullock letter

“…APing as usual. Getting to be the usual drag. E-T Sgt. said this morning we’d be tearing Jackson down in 2-4 days. Will stay here until that’s done. We Aped on the river south of here last night and a little north of Hiep Hoa (Sugar Mill). That is where the 25th Div. had F.S.B. Houston. That has been torn down, too. Was a dry night, but the mosquitos were terrible. We stay in tonight and pull bunker guard. I came in this morning and picked up my water proof bag full of stuff to move to my bunker where we stay during the day … felt something like a needle pierce the knuckle of the middle finger of my right hand. ….found a scorpion. The medic put some salve on it. The swelling went down but it hurt for quite awhile and still a little sore. That’s the first scorpion I’ve seen since I’ve been here. Tell Mom I got the cake…. I’m saving it for desert after supper tonight. Rumors pouring in that 3rd brigade will be pulled out in Oct. with all personal going. When the 1st and 2nd pulled out they took all personnel intact so it’s possible. Lt. thinks they will detach the 6/31 Bn. before the 9th leaves and attach it to the 25th Div. Our Bn will be just another Bn in the 25th Div. And the 9th Div. will pull out without us. By Oct. I’ll have 6 months in country so I’d probably request a transfer and stay here so I could E.T.S. Out of army 5 months early (19 mo. service instead of 24). If I went with the 9th I’d get 30 days leave than serve until Sept. If I stay here I get out April 11th. By Oct. I should be out of the field or close to it so it wouldn’t matter if I stayed. The worse part would be over. “

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