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Jun 6, 1970

John Bullock letter

“We might go to a F.S.B. named Jackson. Haven’t the slightest idea where it is. Supposedly, we will stay there 2 weeks then 2 weeks somewhere else before returning to Ben Luc. No one here knows for sure. Sometimes I don’t think the Great White Father (Col. Gearin) even knows. Things getting dull around here. Been chasing a little girl named Sue around. She works at EM-NCO club and is the prettiest one there, I think. She lit a cigarette for me today and was acting real shy and everything. Me and Bob McCoy were at the club all afternoon talking to the girls instead of filling sandbags like we were suppose to. Me and Bob are going back over before we go out tonight and drink a few beers and talk to the girls. Tell Mom found a letter to her I forgot to mail from a few days ago. Has a picture of me in it that Bob McCoy took in color. Guess I’m up to my usual dumb tricks. “

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