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Jun 5, 1970

John Bullock

“Ben Luc. I think my ringworm is gone now, the stuff Doc gave me must have did the job. It doesn’t itch anymore, and there’s only a spot where it was… I’m supposed to be out of here April 11, 1971 if I extend the two weeks so I can get the five months early out… I may cuss at being over here, but I’d rather be here than back in the states. Even though they are trying to make this place stateside, there isn’t the spit and polish here that I would have to put up with… Bob just made up a story about getting the wrong glasses, so he could get a pass to Tan An. He’ll probably fake his way through and go, Ha! He is forever starting rumors just for kicks to see how far they will spread. That’s McCoy… We have been pulling details around here, just busy work… I’m supposed to be on detail but have been hiding out. I should go and catch the end of it and act like I didn’t know were suppose to work this afternoon… “

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