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Jun 5, 1970

John Bullock letter

“…not going out tonight so will be going on Eagle Flights tomorrow. Last night boats took us down river south of here, and picked us up this morning. ..saw trails where they had been last night. Tried to get my film from the camera shop, but the woman wouldn’t look for it because the date on the slip said June 6. Everyone else usually picks up their pictures a day ahead but she wouldn’t look. Who can figure out the oriental mind. Our new C.O. went out with us last night and got his feet wet. Haven’t seen enough of him to know what he is like. His last tour he was C.O. Of a company in the 101st. …opening the EM-NCO club between 11 and 1:30 so we will spend a little time in there when we are here during the day. Missed happy hour at the club because we left early last night. They make a little profit on the beer and drinks at the club so after it builds up they give beer a way for a couple hours one night. That’s Happy Hour. It’s not a bad little club for Ben Luc. Ben Luc Naval instillation have a number 1 club. Don’t let anyone tell you different, the Navy and the Air Force have it easy over here. Their living conditions are almost as good as stateside. P.M.– Just got off a detail. ..a short one. Put sand in our 3 pet monkeys cages and spread it around. The oldest one got out of the cage, and I chased her across a few roofs. Maybe I stayed too long at the EM-NCO club at noon. Last night they had two movies instead of one at the open theater while we were in the bush so maybe they’ll do it again tonight. Usually we’re out when the good stuff is going on. Take care. Guess you know where I’ll be for another 312 days anyway. “

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