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Jun 3, 1970

John Bullock

“Ben Luc. Alpha Company of the Sixth and Thirty-First was officially turned over to the new C.O. today. I can’t imagine us liking him as much as Captain Levazzi… I hope we go down the river again the same place we went a few days ago. The river runs through Ben Luc and the whole river front is lined with houses and shops, that people drive their boats up to. It looks kind of shoddy, but interesting… Sergeant Cox got hurt on a booby trap the other day and went back to the world. He will probably be on leave to Iowa in a couple of weeks. Now for platoon sergeant we have an E-7, a real lifer… So far lately we have A.P.-ed at night and spent the day in Ben Luc. Not too bad, though we have to fill sand bags 4 hours a day. We have been setting up in populated areas around here fairly close to the Camp. We are trying to catch V.C. tax collectors making their rounds at night. Last night we saw flashing lights from several houches and figured some V.C. sympathizers were signaling the tax collector to stay away. I was checking out one houch yesterday and scared a little kid. He cried and everything. The people just thought it was funny. We just walk in and ask for their I.D.’s and look around nosing into things. They don’t seem to mind the intrusion; I guess they are used to it… “

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