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May 20, 1970

John Bullock letter

“Hope this May weather is good in Iowa. It’s hot here during the day, and we don’t operate. Mostly because the V.C. don’t travel during the day. At night we set up ambushes. I doubt if the 6/31 will go back to Cambodia before Nixon’s six weeks are up, otherwise Gettysburg wouldn’t be closed. We’d need this F.S.B. to move into Cambodia, since it is the closest. I have no more desire to go again anymore than I did the first time. Still now that we are back safe I’m glad we did go. Our platoon had only two casualties, one minor and one serious. I’m still packing a grenade launcher. I haven’t fired it since Cambodia. I like it mainly because it’s easy to keep clean. Things must be really stirred up on the campuses back in the world. From the magazines I’ve read people were pretty critical of Nixon’s handling of the war. Sounds like it will be too dangerous to go to college when I get back. …two months in and 10 months to go. It has went fairly fast, but it could go faster. Chances are I could be out of the field in 6 months, but that could be affected by the 9th pulling out and a lot of other things. Will write again before we leave here if I can get some paper and envelopes. “

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