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May 18, 1970

John Bullock

“Chamberlain. I got the cake you sent 3 days ago. We dug in through the marshmallows and ate away, and ate the marshmallows too… I guess we leave Chamberlain today for Gettysburg… Rumor is everywhere that the 9th is still leaving in July… There’s little chance that I’ll go home with the 9th. Only those with 10 months or so in will go, I imagine. Yes, I did make it into Cambodia, but that was from here at Chamberlain… Almost every GI here is glad we went though. Nobody really wanted to go but the damage we did there on the enemy is expected to make it easier here… When it rains here, it both pours and drizzles. You’ve never seen rain come down so hard for so long. There is a little lightning, but I haven’t seen a thunderstorm yet. “

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