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May 12, 1970

John Bullock letter

“Chamberlain. Goodby Cambodia, hello Nam–boy, I’m glad to be back. We can go back to fighting 2 or 3 instead of a platoon and company size elements. Got out without a scratch and got put in for a couple medals so I can’t complain, but I’d sooner I hadn’t been there. …entire U.S. Operations have destroyed a lot of supplies and stopped a lot of Dicks so things should slack up for a few months, maybe long enough that I’ll be out of here before it starts up again. Somebody said they will be glad to wade through the swamps again. Those swamps, by the way, don’t have many animals. Insects is about all I’ve seen, fire ants, mosquitoes and the like. They don’t have so many Dicks in them so I won’t complain about them (the insects) either. Thanks for the gum. I haven’t seen Mutt and Jeff (orphan children) since the first time at Sugar Mill. Doubt if we ever get up there again. “

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