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May 11, 1970

John Bullock

“We are in Cambodia now about 5 days and expect to be here another week anyway. Most of our battalion is here chasing the gooks out and destroying training areas and supplies here. We should have a slack off in fighting when we get back to Nam. Old Nixon said he’d get us out of Vietnam didn’t he. [reference to being out of Vietnam and into Cambodia] We’ve been checking out villages here. Yesterday, Sunday, we sat up part of the day in a Buddist pagoda, so I guess I was in church in a sense. It was all messed up for lack of care, but it must have been really something when new. [seems to me it was in the trees, open on all sides, and we sacked out for awhile on the floor that Sunday, very pleasant. I think it was “guarded” by some sort of lions or dragons.] Cambodia isn’t too much different from Nam. It is dryer here so there aren’t mosquitoes, but the flies are terrible. They must be able to tell we haven’t had a bath in weeks. We’ve had two hot chow meals since we came in here, but mostly C-rations and they are getting tiresome. The C.O. is trying to get Coke and Beer in on our resupply tonight. He has got to be the best company commander anywhere, but we are losing him; he goes back to the states in 15 days or so. Everybody kids him and tells him the time he spends in Cambodia doesn’t count off on his year tour of Vietnam.”

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