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May 6, 1970

John Bullock letter

“Takes 4 days for a letter to get out….if I’m in the field takes a day or two more…have to come by chopper with our resupply. Tell Mom that the 9th Div. Patch is red on top, blue on bottom and white in center. That’s the one we wear on khakis. Patch on fatigues is various shades of green so it won’t show up at a distance out in the boonies. My first roll of film didn’t take. I went through some water and it got wet. Thanks for the calendar. I’ll stick it in my helmet to keep it dry. Suppose most of the guys are married I went to school with and already out of service. Chuck Johnson (KIA later) is only one still in and he should be out before long. …tighten things up in bunker…looks like it will pour shortly. “

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