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May 5, 1970

John Bullock letter

“Chamberlain…got here this afternoon by chinook from F.S.B. Gettysburg. Rumor has it we will be here 2 weeks. If they don’t get some clothes out here, they won’t be able to stand us for two weeks. You all think it’s hot there (Iowa), try 110 – 120 once. At 80 – 90 its cold. Chamberlain is a little more civilized than Gettysburg though not much…have a Gook shop and barber…might be a movie get here. At Gettysburg they were selling beer this morning so you know where everyone headed. We were a little sloppy by the time we got on the chinook…sitting up ambushes at night and laying around during the day when it’s hot. Didn’t make any contact. Gooks don’t travel during the day…we have so many choppers out they would be easily spotted. We set up at night and wait for them to come through. Usually we see them before they see us. They come through Laos and Cambodia…try to sneak across the Plain of Reeds and join up forces with N.V.N. -V.C. operating in Saigon area. A guide (V.C.) Goes out and picks up (N.V.A.) And leads them back…sometimes they get V.C. going from Nam into Cambodia. Lip almost completely healed. Tell Cork I’ll help him eat next year’s garden. “

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