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Apr 25, 1970

John Bullock

Eagle Flight. Chopper insertion near My Tho. Dusted off with several others.

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    Robert Stewart Says:

    I remember this day. It was an Eagle flight. I was part of the FO team humping the radio for Lt. Holderness. Gene Cruise was learning to be the FO’s recon sgt. You were with half of 3rd Platoon. The 3rd Platoon’s leader Lt. Hall was with the other half of the platoon inserted someplace else.

    We were inserted in a paddy and went into the woodline. Really stateside looking trees and lot of brush. Seems like three single file lines went in. I was with the CP. George Lavazzi was the Co with whoever his Rto was at the time, maybe Mik Mickolaycik, somebody walking point ahead of them. Holderness, then me, then Cruise.

    To make a long story short. First one collum got in contact and then another and the one I was with was pinned down from close range but it was so thick I couldn’t tell where it was coming from. Cruise crawled around me to see if he could get a look at where the fire was coming from and got a bullet in the leg just above the knee.

    Holderness directed a gun ships rockets right over out head as we lay on the ground. I thought you and the other casualty was caused by the blast from the rockets.

    Whatever, the VC was in a hole real close…but taken care of. Think we had an enemy body count of three by the time it was over.

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