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Apr 19, 1970

John Bullock letter

“Finally got a night’s sleep on a mattress without mosquitoes humming anywhere. By now I could go to sleep on a bed of nails. Ben Luc is really being built up. An air conditioned NCO club going up and several barracks ….plus other buildings. Things pretty quiet. Working in our own area and the 25th Div. area, too…haven’t see a thing. The 25th had lots of its people up around the Cambodian border. Traveling by chopper the last few days. Beats walking a whole lot, but trips are short, maybe 5 minutes….have to go over and get a haircut later when P.X. Opens….suppose to polish my boots, too, but I’m not going to do it. Some of these idiots want to make this place like back in the states. They are the people who don’t go out. Go out by chopper and work with the ARUN’s this afternoon. Maybe before we leave we can get some decent chow for once. Those C-rations get old. “

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