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Apr 18, 1970

John Bullock

“Ben Luc. After spending 2 days at FSB Chamberlain, we were trucked out to Cu Chi.  We choppered out of there and dropped at night by mistake into a swamp up to our hips.  [Seems like we walked for hours in mud and water, before finding a dry spot to spend the night.  Told that Gearin screwed up the drop site in the darkness?]  The next day we made Eagle Flights; choppers picked us up and dropped us into an area which we searched for about 15 – 30 minutes, then we sat in the shade for a couple of hours… the choppers came back to drop us elsewhere…I’ve got 5 insertions now… On the 15th we were taken by truck to Cu Chi for a little rest and hot chow (bacon and scrambled eggs – number 10)…  They wouldn’t let us go anywhere because they said we were too dirty…  From Cu Chi we went out that afternoon, stayed the night and got choppered to Chamberlain the next day.  From there we go shipped by truck to Hiep Hoa.  We got a good night’s sleep there in an old Sugar Mill.  Then the next night, last night, we pulled bunker guard. [I seem to remember a bunch of ARVN and family staying in the Sugar Mill.]”

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