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Apr 17, 1970

John Bullock

“…We’ve been away from Ben Luc for 6 days. Now we are at the Sugar Mill pulling berm guard and road security… My socks and pants practically stand up by themselves. I’ve made 5 insertions by chopper now… For the last 4 days we have been working the 25th Div area, while they have been away at the Cambodian border… From Chamberlain they took us by truck to Cu Chi, and about dark we choppered out onto a part of the Plain of Reeds. Somebody goofed, because of the darkness I guess, as when we hopped out of the choppers, I went into some mud and water over my knees. They had dropped us into a swamp. We had to walk an hour through that stuff to get out. The next day, the 14th, we made 3 insertions in the field. Choppers would come and pick us up each time, drop us somewhere else. Then we would walk around the area for 1/2 hour, sit in the shade for 2 hours, and after that call the choppers in to pick us up and insert us somewhere else. On one flight I sat in the door and dangled my legs out. They tip toward the side and you think you are going to fall out, but the centrifugal force holds you inside. The 15th they let us come back into Cu Chi for part of the day. However, they said we were too dirty to go anywhere, like the snack bar and big P.X. there. [We actually made it inside, but an officer in a starched uniform came along and chased us out. The facility was for the privileged class.]… Well. Maybe eventually I’ll get a shave, shower and some clean clothes, if I ever get back to Ben Luc. Until then, I guess I’ll lay around stinking… “

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