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Apr 13, 1970

John Bullock

“FSB Chamberlain. Guess we don’t go back to Ben Luc… Bravo Co is moving back to Ben Luc, and there isn’t enough room for more than one company until the new barracks are completed.  We  pulled security for a MEDCAP operation in a village a little way from here last night.  That was only an hour or so, then we took some ARVN troops out and showed them how to set up an ambush.  The MEDCAP is where they send in a doctor or medic to treat people.  There is also some propaganda stuff given to them, movies and so on.  The project is run by intelligence… I and another G.I. and an ARVN soldier were guarding a road into the village, and a wagon pulled by two water buffaloes went through.  The ARVN soldier got up and hid behind a tree one way and the other GI went the other…  The other GI was nice enough to tell me after they went through that they could have charged me.  I guess the cows are trying to get revenge for all of their ancestors killed by nervous GIs.”””

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