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Apr 11, 1970

John Bullock letter

“Leaving today for Fire Support Base Chamberlain….return day after tomorrow….going to pull security…finally got a bunk in base camp….out at Chamberlain before for a briefing by the Bn. Commander. When we got back we got another briefing by the company C.O….didn’t have to pull guard… Went to a movie, had a few beers and got to bed early for once. P.X. is pretty small in Ben Luc….won’t be able to get a camera or radio…will wait until I go into Tan An. Have to go shortly to get red dog tags made, (medical warning tags that show I’m allergic to penicillin and sulfa). I have a feeling we pull guard at Chamberlain while they pull out. Several fire support bases being closed, and operations in the Plain Of Reeds restricted….monsoon season about to start. When we walk in that area they will chopper us out, but we work in areas where we can get fire support from remaining f.s.b.’s. (mortor and artillary fire). New barracks being built for the companies when they come back from the f.s.b.’s. Going to spend the night in the field and sleep here tomorrow …go out tomorrow night. Bunking with Tiger Scout….wrote Mom his name is Pwop. Guess snow and cold weather must be gone there. Did Corky get the map I sent him? I sent you all a postcard at each place we stopped along the way. “

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