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Apr 9, 1970

John Bullock

“FSB Chamberlain. I was moved to A Co, 6/31 at Ben Luc yesterday… Company A is in base camp [Ben Luc] right now, and we [3rd platoon] are suppose to go back there tomorrow…  I pulled perimeter guard at Ben Luc last night…  Some guys say that it is less dangerous to be around Charlie than some of your own people, those high on marijuana or just plain scared… This morning just as we were about to leave our bunker, about 2 dozen boys came through the wire and up close to the fence and caught some little fish In the flooded paddies [sic].  They used a basket looking thing open top and bottom, trying to set it over the fish, then pulling the fish out through the open top end.  One little boy caught quite a few, and he would hold each one up in the air for us to see. “

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