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Apr 3, 1970

John Bullock

“Tan An. I drew bunker guard again last night…  We have to call in on the half hour so they know we are awake… You crank the telephone and wait for them to answer, then say This is bunker 3, negative sit rep, over.”” They say, “”Roger that, out.””  Negative sit rep stands for no situation report, which means nothing is happening.  Roger just means I understand.  We missed one call last night, and they about rang our phone to pieces, plus the sergeant of the guard came around and checked.  The Tan An base is divided into two sections, separated by the village, which is off limits to GI’s.  I am in the airfield area, the part of the camp surrounding the air strip we came in on… The PX and all of the facilities such as that are located at the main base, though there is a EM club here, and a PX truck comes around 3 times a week.  Next to our barracks is a Coke stand, where we can buy soda anytime of the day.”

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