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Apr 3, 1970

John Bullock letter

“Haven’t got an address yet… gave us one to use here so we could get the letter out of the country. It is Friday here I think, I’m already loosing track. I got here the 1st and both nights I spent on bunker guard so I haven’t had much sleep until today. I laid down …. Didn’t wake up until 3:30 this afternoon…. suppose to be going to classes…. refresher courses in what we already learned in A.I.T. Got paid while there was a formation, so if I don’t get anything at the next formation at 6:30 p.m. I won’t be out all night. Got $253 this time. It has been pretty hot here except at night…. it cools off and the mosquitoes turn us into a mass of mounds and bumps. … bet they are really fun when the monsoons get here in June and July. I’m in Tan An if you can find it on the map. We are somewhere 15 – 20 miles south of Saigon. I’m to be assigned to the 3rd Brigade of the 9th Inf. Div. When I get out of the Go Devil Academy. It is the last Brigade of the 9th still here, and it is due to be pulled out in July. It will probably still be here when I leave. Been relatively quiet here since the summer months of last year. Just recently there has been a little stir up but I don’t think it will last. You all be good and don’t worry.”

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