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Mar 1, 1970

Robert Stewart

Alpha at Tra Cu.  Em club run by Navy.  Hours 1100 to 1300 and from 1700 to 2100 hours

Mar 12, 1970

Robert Stewart

Tra Cu ambush Platoon of Alpha made contact.  Killed four NVA officers and captured medical supplies.

Mar 18, 1970

Robert Stewart

At Tra Cu.  Navy.  Lobster Tails one day. Sirloin Steak the next.  Out in the middle of nowhere.

Mar 23, 1970

Robert Stewart

Gettysburg HQ for Alpha company. Got there from Tra Cu day before.

Mar 27, 1970

Robert Stewart

There are  five radios instead of four. The extra one is to control air traffic. Choppers call in saying they are coming in.  Tell you what their business is and sometimes request smoke as a marker where to land.

Mar 31, 1970

Robert Stewart

Gettysburg. Been here for a week. One man died. His death was a freak thing though.  Ronald Lee White.

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