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Jul 21, 1969

Vern Weed

“Have been listening to the moonshot on the radio, that’s really something. Will call when I get to Hawaii.”””

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    admin Says:

    From Jim Tierney, Alpha Company, as taken from the messageboard about the first moon landing July 20, 1969.

    Apollo Landing

    I was in VN.

    I remember getting a call while we were on ambush. Be advised, United States Military Personnel have landed on the moon.

    A week or so later we got the Stars and Stripes and I was reading it. Chu our tiger scout asked what you reading. I told him G.I. land on Moon! He said you all BS!! He did not believe.

    I could not believe that he did not understand, although I have met a few Americans who said . It was not real, its all staged.

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