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Jul 1, 1969

Vern Weed

“Just found out that we won’t actually be leaving until around Aug 15th , but at least we won’t have to come back.”

Jul 8, 1969

Vern Weed

Now we are schedualed to leave August 14th. Rumors run wild.

Jul 13, 1969

Vern Weed

“Will be going back to the 1/11th soon and stop firing on the 21st or 23rd, then we start packing everything up.”

Jul 21, 1969

Vern Weed

“Have been listening to the moonshot on the radio, that’s really something. Will call when I get to Hawaii.”””

Jul 23, 1969

FSB Moore.

“With 1st Brigades exit from Vietnam, FSB Moore officially turned over to South Vietnamese forces”

Jul 26, 1969

Opcon 25th Division

“The Third Brigade becomes under the operational control of the 25th Division, although retaining 9th Division Identity.”

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