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Jun 3, 1969

Vern Weed

Plan to extend for 65 days and will be discharged when I hit the States. Vong Tau was great.

Jun 8, 1969

1st Brigade announcement

1st Brigade withdrawel announcement at Midway Conference

Jun 15, 1969

Vern Weed

“Pulling out the 1st and 2nd brigades of the 9th Division. But don’t know if the 1/11th Arty is going home, but the 6/31st Inf. Just found out that they are not going home.  Rumors keep flying.”””

Jun 20, 1969

Vern Weed

“Still plan on going to Hawaii for R&R in August.  Most of the guys coming back only hae a few months left here anyway. Will be here until about the end of Aug, then move up to about 10 miles south of Saigon. CBS news was filming here yesterday, Col. Hayes was talking to some […]

Jun 25, 1969

Vern Weed

“SHORT only 35 days left.  The 1/11th Aty is moving out soon, we stop firing the guns on July 21st and we will be in Hawaii by Aug 1st. And we will be stationed in Hawaii at Schofield Barracks. God, I’ll be glad to get out of this place.”

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