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Apr 2, 1969

Vern Weed

“Hit by booby trap last week, not serious, will get a purple heart.  We have moved to a little compound called Vinh Kim. Not a bad place, so far.”

Apr 4, 1969

Del Bumann

“April 4, ’69 was my deros date. TOP called me in from the field on March 31st and on Apr 1 he sent me to the 90th Replacement to try to stand by for earlier flight. (Didn’t make it out early, no stand-by space!!)”

Apr 10, 1969

Bravo ambush patrol

Bravo unit comes in contact near Vinh Kiem. Three men KIA.

Apr 12, 1969

D 2/4th arty activated

New arty support battery for battalion

Apr 14, 1969

Vern Weed.

“Build up Vinh Kim and filling sand bags. We are part of Task Force Ranger, fancy name for the same thing. At night run the radios from the TOC, sometimes have 60 men our in four groups. On 2 radios am “”Delta 6 Oscar”” and the Arty radio am “”9er Delta India””.”

Apr 16, 1969

Bruce Swander

“0725h..2 WIA along with a Tiger Scout from command detonated BT. When the dustoff helo came in, it set off another BT, with 2 more WIA.An hour later, 0845h, A Co sustained 4 WIA from 2# grenade BT. More booby-traps are located throughout the day, and another soldier WIA at 1740h while blowing one in-place.”

Apr 21, 1969

Bruce Swander

“At 1537h, C Co was on a sweep when two men tripped a grenade bobby-trap by a small path. Cpl Santana Fernandez died of wounds sustained while enroute to the field hospital after being dusted off.”””

Apr 28, 1969

Vern Weed

“Contact with the VC has slowed down, mostly booby traps now.  Since we got Vinh Kim, we have had one of us killed and 13 wounded.  Only one man shot, he lived, all the rest booby traps. Will probably be at VK for another couple of weeks.”

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