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Mar 2, 1969

Vern Weed.

Got  mortared 8 or 9 times in last 6 days. My section will get ARCOM w/V Device because we kept firing support while under mortar attack.

Mar 13, 1969

Vern Weed

Shoot and sleep. FSB Moore.

Mar 21, 1969

Vern Weed

“I am now with D co.6/31st Inf, on the FO team.  Go out for 2 days and come back in for one.  Hate the mud and water.”

Mar 21, 1969

Bruce Swander

“Bravo Company. At 6AM, B Co boarded MRF boats and left Dong Tam for Thoi Son Island for insertion. Around 7AM, a platoon tripped 2 bobby-traps that injured 4US and a National Policeman. Pfc Larry Scott would die of wounds sustained later that day.”

Mar 24, 1969

Alpha assists 4/39th

Alpha assists in circle movement of large enemy base camp. Col Hackworth commanding.  143 enemy body count. Alpha loses 3 men KIA.  

Mar 27, 1969

Vern Weed

“VC blew up ammo dump at Dong Tam, lots of damage.”””

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