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Jan 4, 1969

first rotation

Del Bumann deros

Jan 9, 1969

Vern Weed

“My 21st birthday. Am with C Btry, 1/11th Artillery and we are out in the field at a place called Gaio Duc?  Earlier in the week we did an airmobile with the guns.  Flew us out at dusk and fired all night and flew back the next day.”

Jan 11, 1969

Delta against 261st VC battalion

Intial contact and tiger scout recognizes one of the bodies and warns of probable large force in area.

Jan 12, 1969

Delta attacked in force

At 2:30 am Delta’s night location comes under intense attack.

Jan 13, 1969

Delta holds at a large cost

9 killed and 23 wounded our of 52 men engaged in the fight.

Jan 14, 1969

Vern Weed

“The Vietnamese are such little people, and they will steal anything not nailed down.  About 3 days ago the VC blew up a couple of bridges between here and our base camp, so they have been flying in our supplies.”

Jan 19, 1969

Vern Weed

“Showed us a movie on the wall of a building, “”The battle of the Bulge””, just what we need, a war movie.  Shold be going to Dong Tam in a week or so.  All we do is eat, sleep (?) and shoot.”

Jan 22, 1969

Vern Weed

“Move out tomorrow to a new position.  Hot and humid, working on my tan.”

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