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Dec 8, 1968

Bruce Swander

“At 1120h, B Co reports that they have sighting of 100+ VC moving in the area.  At 1920h, A Co has contact.  At 1932h, A has 1-WIA(unkn) with gunshot to head, litter.  At 1952h, A has another WIA(unkn).  Contact continues, and radio is shot up, no commo.  At 2050h, A reports more WIA’s, one with […]

Dec 23, 1968

“First Letter home, Vern Weed”

“My first letter home says that I landed at Cam Ranh Bay, then to bien Hoa, Long Bien, back to Bien Hoa and finally to Dong Tam.  I will be in jungle school for 8 to ten days.”

Dec 23, 1968

Operation Speedy Express starts December 23

MacMaster: Operation Speedy Express was initiated.  It was envisioned as a 90-day program to pacify the contested hamlets in the FSB Moore AO.

Dec 29, 1968

“Jungle school, Vern Weed”

Still in Jungle School. Ran into a high school buddy and we sat together at the Bob Hope Show on 12/27/68/  Only 1 mortar attack since arriving in Dong Tam.

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