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Nov 1, 1968

November 1, 1968

MacMaster: 6/31st – Relieved 4/39th Infantry at Falcon, south of Cai Lay.

Nov 5, 1968

Bruce Swander

“At 1155h, A has 1-WIA(unkn), litter, from a sniper from across the river.  At 1520h, A has another WIA(unkn), snake-bite while in the water.  Snake found, and determined it was nonpoisonous.  “””

Nov 6, 1968

Bruce Swander

“At 1045h, C has 2-WIA’s(unkn), 1-litter, sniper fire from across the river again.  At 1105h, C has another WIA(unkn), litter.  During one of these incidents we know that one of the men is SP4 Paul Maleszewski (C Co) – as he is reported DOW early the next morning.  No details are given on the 1105h […]

Nov 6, 1968

Delta company goes Riverine

Jim MacMaster: 6/31st – Went Riverine in the area of Gio Duc.  No significant contact reported. November 6 and November 7.

Nov 7, 1968

Bruce Swander

Maleszewski had DOW sustained.  B Co goes opcon to 5/60.  E reports 1-WIA(unkn) due to scorpion bite and is dusted off.

Nov 10, 1968


Battalion sized operation near Cai Nua.  Alpha makes first contact.

Nov 10, 1968

Firebase Moore

Battalion moves to FSB Moore

Nov 14, 1968

November 14, 1968

MacMaster: 6/31st – Went officially OPCON to the 1st Brigade

Nov 16, 1968

Bruce Swander

“At 1740h, Sgt James Deschenes (D Co) is WIA by gunshot wound, serious, needs blood.  At 1750h, he is reported KIA.”

Nov 18, 1968

Delta Company

MacMaster: 6/31st – Participated in Recondo Checker-board Activities.

Nov 22, 1968

Bruce Swander

“Early in the morning, FSB Moore reports a large storm – 65 knots, heavy rain.  At 0540, A makes contact, no casualties.  At 1950h, C reports they have 3-WIA(unkn) and 1-KIA, Pfc Leroy Hoffman (C Co) when an RPG hit a 2/47 APC they were in.  2/47 also has 1-WIA(Miczeus) and 1-KIA (Sgt Kenneth Underwood). […]

Nov 23, 1968

November 23, 1968

MacMaster: Major contact occurred, utilizing air strikes.  50 VC KIA.  Numerous small arms and automatic weapons were found.  No friendly casualties.  During this time period, numerous booby-traps were encountered causing friendly casualties almost daily.

Nov 25, 1968

Operation Quey Chieu

MacMaster: During the period November 25 to December 23 1968. In this period, the 6/31st continued to conduct Operation Quey Chieu in an attempt to eliminate VCI.

Nov 28, 1968

November 28, 1968

MacMaster: A successful, joint Cordon and Search Operation was conducted.  In this operation, VCI were detained along with local force unit personnel.

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