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Oct 6, 1968

B company

“On October 6, B Company found another enemy cache containing 58 cases of grenades, 12 cases of TNT, and 70 rounds of 75mm recoilless rifle ammunition.”

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    From MacMaster:
    The 3rd Brigade troops policed up 89 AK-47s, 12 RPD machine guns, 2-82mm mortars and sights, 110 mortar rounds, 62 RPG launchers, 2 heavy machine guns with wheel mounts, 58 VC gas masks, 97 B-40 rockets, 91 sets of web gear, and 80 lbs. of medical supplies. US casualties were 1 KIA and 25 WIA. “It was the best team effort by a combination of 3rd Brigade troops, gunships, the 1/16th Infantry, the 6/31st Infantry, the Air Force, and ARVN that I have ever seen,” said Col. Hemphill [3rd Brigade C0]. B/6/31 captured an ammo cache of 58 cases of grenades, 12 cases of TNT, 70 rounds of 75mm recoiless ammo.

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