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Oct 3, 1968

October 3, 1968

From MacMaster:

A/6/31 – Found 5 sampans loaded with grenades and mines.  That day a rocket round fired by gunships of the 3rd Squadrom/5th Cavalry set off a major secondary explosion.  Earlier in the day a FAC was fired on by approximately 15 VC while he was directing an air attack.  It was then that the Cav was called in.  Believing that a large cache was nearby, A/6/31 was inserted south of the objective with 1/16th Infantry to the north.  A/6/31 acted as a blocking force with the 1/16th sweeping.  They searched the sampans and found supplies that included 2,940 grenades, 86 assorted mines, 11 Chi Com hand grenades, 501 lbs. of rice, and 2 boxes of sampan engine repair parts.

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