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Oct 1, 1968

A company

A Company found five sampans loaded with mines and grenades.

Oct 3, 1968

October 3, 1968

From MacMaster: A/6/31 – Found 5 sampans loaded with grenades and mines.  That day a rocket round fired by gunships of the 3rd Squadrom/5th Cavalry set off a major secondary explosion.  Earlier in the day a FAC was fired on by approximately 15 VC while he was directing an air attack.  It was then that […]

Oct 4, 1968

138 VC killed

Joint operation with 1/16th. Four companies from the 6/31st. 12 miles W of My Phuoc Tay.  Three day op.  Enemy Bn elimanated.

Oct 5, 1968

October 5, 1968

From MacMaster continuing the story from October 4.:   (Continued) The next morning after sporadic contact, in conjunction with 1/16th Infantry, the area was swept.  Thirty-three enemy were found in addition to the bodies, numerous blood trails bespoke of heavy casualties taken by the VC.  During the day, the 3rd Brigade gunships and Air Force […]

Oct 6, 1968

B company

“On October 6, B Company found another enemy cache containing 58 cases of grenades, 12 cases of TNT, and 70 rounds of 75mm recoilless rifle ammunition.”

Oct 8, 1968

Bruce Swander

“At 0710h, C Co reports that they have a man that had drowned on 7 Oct.  Pfc R.T. Perry (C Co).  “

Oct 10, 1968

October 10, 1968

MacMaster: 6/31st – Moved to Dong Tam for MPT.

Oct 12, 1968

Ron Raymond

“Members of Delta. Co., 1st platoon with pointman Ron Raymond capture VC flag along with VC sympathizers in the early morning hours. “

Oct 13, 1968

October 13, 1968

6/31 – moved to Cai Be.

Oct 17, 1968

Bruce Swander

“At 1135h, D asks for a Dustoff for 2-WIA’s.  Completed at 1510h, but only 1 sent out.  No names.  At 2050h, LT Beacher, E Co has appendicitis and is dusted off.  Operation Quyet Chien starts.”

Oct 18, 1968

Bruce Swander

“C Co has 3-WIA’s at 1910h.  A Co has 1-WIA at 1800h due to friendly fire.  But, at 2100h, D Co says it needs a dustoff for a man that has a headache.  At 2138h, they are now saying it’s a priority… Sgt Lester McGinnis (D Co) was KIA from small-arms fire that day.  “

Oct 18, 1968

Lee W. Ewing of B Company

“Ewing spotted two sampans coming his way. When the sampans were so close their crews had no time to react, Ewing opened fire, killing all eight”

Oct 18, 1968

Near Cai Be

“Battalion was again in heavy contact, killing 11 enemy and capturing 5 AK-47 assault rifles and a 75mm recoilless rifle.”

Oct 20, 1968

October 20-24th

From Jim MacMaster: 6/31st – Suffered heavily from immersion foot.  Returned to Dong Tam for stand down and maintenance.

Oct 30, 1968

Bruce Swander

“Sgt Gerald Forgue (D Co) dies of wounds he sustained on 9/26/68.  At 1420h, D Co has 2-WIA’s from a tripped BT.  At 1522h, C Co calls in 2-WIA’s from shrapnel, friendly fire.  A few minutes later they report that one of the WIA’s is now KIA – Pfc Merritt Murray (C Co).  “

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